Chris Townsend Gift Your Gear Spring 2018 Rohan Inverness

Chris Townsend Donates to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Inverness

The Gift Your Gear collection event in Rohan Shops is special in so many ways.
The outdoor communities support and enthusiasm for Gift Your Gear is super. The Rohan Shop teams are the frontline team that meet every person who donates their outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear in Rohan Shops. Stories from these teams about the people that have donated in their shop and the stories they share of the gear donated are very important. Often this is about their customers treasured piece of clothing that has accompanied them on trips and adventurers. Parting with their treasured gear is made a little easier with the knowledge that in no time at all it will be back out on the hills again with the Gift Your Gear groups.
We are just over half way through the collection event in Rohan Shops (ends 8th April 2018). There have been many high points. Each and every donation to Gift Your Gear is as important.

Chris Townsend’s visit to Rohan Inverness with his super generous gear donations to Gift Your Gear is really appreciated. These will soon be on their way to the Gift Your Gear groups.
Having Chris in the shop talking about the outdoor scene, past, present and future with Jason and the Rohan Inverness team made everyone’s day.

A big thank you to Chris for the ongoing support.

Gift Your Gear – Donate at Rohan Shops March 2018