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Donating unwanted outdoor clothing just got easier

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We are pleased to announce we now have 57 locations in the UK where you can donate your unwanted outdoor gear.

We are very grateful to our last Gift Your Gear partner Rohan, the award-winning outdoor clothing company for making all their shops available as collection points for Gift Your Gear donations.

If you have used outdoor gear, regardless of brand,  you no longer need please consider dropping into a Rohan Shop. Your gear will be returned to Gift Your Gear and donated to a Gift Your Gear approved beneficiary.

Please join us saying a really big thank you to Rohan.
This is the first for any UK outdoor company. A comprehensive collection system for all used outdoor gear, regardless of brand.

Well done Rohan.

Rohan Shops are located all over the length and breadth of the UK, from Inverness to Truro. By making these available to the outdoor community Rohan has opened up so many possibilities for Gift Your Gear beneficiaries. It is a very generous offer from Rohan and illustrates their commitment ,not only their customers but the outdoor industry in general.

We thought it might help if we listed what donations we can accept at Rohan Shops.

All clothing should be able to be reused for its original purpose without repair and all donations should be clean. Please check all the pockets.

Waterproof Outdoor Jackets

Waterproof Over Trousers

All Fleece Jackets and Tops

Walking and Technical Trousers and Salopettes


Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Socks as long as they are suitable for the UK hills

All children’s Outdoor Clothing


Donations we cannot accept at Rohan Shops.

Walking polls

Maps and guides

Tents and shelters


Day sacks

Sleeping bags

Sleeping mats


Pots and pans

Climbing gear

Mountain sun and glacier glasses

Any gas cylinders

Hydration packs



What happens to all the donated gear?

All reusable and fit for purpose gear is sent out to one of the 150 pre-approved Gift Your Gear charity and community groups working with young people in the outdoors. We will email you details of the charity that has received your donated gear.


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