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Gift Your Gear – THANK YOU

A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated so generously to Gift Your Gear.

This September Gift Your Gear partnered with Rohan to offer the opportunity to take your unwanted outdoor gear regardless of brand into any Rohan shop.

The response to Gift Your Gear has been tremendous. 

Your generosity has provided a substantial amount of usable outdoor gear that will go on to have a new lease of life in the great outdoors and help to ensure those experiences are enjoyable and safe.

The gear you donated will enable Gift Your Gear to support many more community organisations, youth groups and charities  working with young people in the outdoors. Enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors, regardless of their circumstance.

It’s hard to enjoy the great outdoors when you’re cold, wet and uncomfortable. Having the right clothing and equipment helps to ensure that outdoor experiences are safe and enjoyable.

Gift Your Gear Thank You
There are a lot of charities and youth organisations out there that do fantastic work with underprivileged kids in the great outdoors. Expeditions and adventures in places like North Wales, the Lake District or any one of this green and pleasant land’s many, many beauty spots can be the first time these kids have seen anything beyond an urban wasteland.

You can’t send a bunch of inexperienced city kids up a mountain in cheap trainers and a trackie top. That’s where Gift Your Gear a nationwide initiative comes in. They take unwanted outdoor gear and redistribute it to those that need it the most. From outdoor trousers, jackets, fleeces to waterproofs and children’s clothing, if it’s in reasonable nick it will be reused.

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The gear arrived today – thank you so much, there is some fantastic stuff.  The clothing you’ve sent really will be such a help to all the guys coming on programmes next year, as so many of them come with very little to keep them warm and dry.

Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Kelda Woods – Climbing Out


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