Gift Your Gear – What Others Say

“The benefit of Gift Your Gear is best defined as providing an opportunity to all so as to ensure that ability to pay (for training and kit) is not the over-riding criteria for participation. Thanks to Gift Your Gear and Rohan” – Laurence Parsons, Cabot District Scouts

“Thank you to everyone concerned at Gift Your Gear and Rohan for the brilliant donation of outdoor waterproofs, fleeces, etc. which are truly wonderful. Everyone’s kindness will help disadvantaged children and young people across east London to have their first experience of the great outdoors properly kitted out and safe. Many many thanks” – Kevin Jenkins, Community Links Canning Town

“It was great to visit the Brede Arkless Centre. You know a venture like this is worthwhile when you hear the stories from individuals who have benefited. It is this focus on the individual and their potential that makes the project so successful. The equipment pool ensures the maximum number of individuals benifit from the donated gear. Having clothing that works is vital to the enjoyment of the outdoors” – Roger Cann MD Rohan

“The boxes have arrived and I am just going through them now, but I had to stop and send you this message of thanks. I am like a kid in a sweet store, all the gear is fantastic and will be used by our groups. Thank you” – Venture Scotland

“Thank you so much to Gift Your Gear for the generous donation of outdoor clothing. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Your contribution enables us to continue to change ives. Our sincere thanks for your commitment and wanting to make a difference” – Kate Lumley 

“If lovers of the outdoors can’t take responsibility for conserving resources and the environment how can we expect others to? Every product we can reuse means one less product to dig out of the ground or use precious resources manufacturing while giving value to those who can use what we no longer choose to” – Dave Mycroft, MyOutdoors

“We are absolutely delighted with the gear! The individual young carers in need of protective clothing will gain so much benefit and our respite outing groups will now be properly attired for inclement weather conditions. You have’ opened the door’ so to speak for many more outdoor opportunities; we aim to team up with our local Countryside Rangers to explore the brilliant local landscape on our doorstep – Thank you again for your wonderful and very much appreciated support” – Skye and Lochalsh Young Carers

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Gift Your Gear donation. We are so overwhelmed by the quantity and standard of the wonderful outdoor gear that you have sent to us! It is going to be an invaluable resource that will enable the children and young people here at WESC Foundation to participate in so many different outdoor activities” – WESC Foundation

“Feels like Christmas… thank you so very much I am a tad overwhelmed by the volume, quality and generosity of Rohan customers many people will benefit from this Gift Your Gear donation and it will help them get out into the Yorkshire Dales and their local countryside. Thank you” – People and the DALES (YDMT)

“Thank-you very much for the Gift Your Gear donations, absolutely fantastic! Now any young people that we take outdoors will be warm, comfortable and hopefully enjoy their experience all the more” – Journey 2 Self

“The group are made up… They can’t thank you enough for your support and the people who donated their kit to Gift Your Gear” – Mixenden Activity Centre

“Many thanks for the gear! The cadets and staff are very pleased with it. I’m sure it will get good use over the coming years” – 1224 (Wharfedale) Sqn ATC

“Thank you so much for the clothing. It has been very much appreciated and the students and staff are very grateful” – Sundorne Education Centre

“THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! We have two outdoor trips planned already and they are going to help our young people tremendously” – Inclusion Hampshire

“Thank you so much, they will be great for the members to use when we need thanks again and god bless you all at Gift Your Gear” – E20 EastEnders

“Gift Your Gear – Fantastic. A great selection and a good range of sizes. I’m sure they will be of great use through the years. Thanks again” – Craggers

“On behalf of the volunteers and riders of Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group I would like to say thank you to Gift Your Gear and Rohan. Thank you to everyone who donated to Gift Your Gear.  All the items of clothing were in a very good condition and will be of benefit to our riders and volunteers who may have come to the stables for their ride unprepared for the sudden rain we often get. Thanks once again Rohan” – Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group