Camas Outdoor Centre

Gift Your Gear – Camas Outdoor Activity Centre

It is always good to get feedback from the Gift Your Gear groups. Gift Your Gear received some super photos from Camas Outdoor Activity Centre.

Camas is an Outdoor Activity Centre on the Isle of Mull. Throughout the season they are joined by groups from all around the UK, and the world to explore the great outdoors of Scotland.  Offering hillwalking, kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, raft building, swimming camping and lots more.

Camas Outdoor Centre

Gift Your Gear received a super donation of kayak paddles, buoyancy aids, bike panniers, water bottles and sleeping mats. The Rohan Inverness team collected them together for us. The Camas team picked up the donated gear in Rohan Inverness  and now it is back our doing what it does best.

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