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Gift Your Gear – Hats off to Shewee

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It is always a pleasure to acknowledge outdoor gear donations to Gift Your Gear from the outdoor community. These are really important and valued by the Gift Your Gear groups.

We are especially grateful for a recent donation of super hats from Shewee. The generous donation contains both Winter and Summer hats. Perfect.
Hats are always in high demand with the Gift Your Gear groups. These will soon be back out doing what they do best.

Many thanks to the Shewee team for the support. We are really grateful.

GET OUTSIDE’ is one of our mantra’s! There’s not much that a good walk, run, or camping trip won’t cure. However, we appreciate not everyone has access to the equipment necessary to do so. We stumbled across Gift your Gear, and can’t believe we’ve never heard of this fantastic organisation before. Sarah does an amazing job of getting young people outdoors! We share her belief that it’s vital for young adults emotional and physical wellbeing.

Shewee was brought to life in 1999, and is the ORIGINAL female urination device. Our ethos is that women can do anything, and finding the nearest loo shouldn’t hold them back from enjoying the great outdoors. With our Shewee you can quickly, easily, and discreetly have a wee whilst walking, running, or camping. Just one of the vital pieces of equipment to ‘GET OUTSIDE’! –

We hope the recipients of our donation get much use out of them, and enjoy making happy memories surrounded by mother nature – Hayley at Shewee

Gift Your Gear encourages people to donate unwanted outdoor clothing and equipment they no longer want or need. How to donate your unwanted outdoor gear to Gift Your Gear