Gift Your Gear – Tent Reuse and Recycling

Gift Your Gear – Reuse and Recycle Tents

Give your unwanted tent a second lease of life.

What can I do with my unwanted tent? We receive a number of questions around the management of unwanted tents every day. Ranging from lovely people that just want their tent that is languishing in the garage to get back outdoors. To container loads of abandoned tents at the end of festivals.

Is there a reuse or recycle solution for unwanted old tent? The good news is that we can now offer a solution to help all the lovely people that want their much loved but no longer used tent to have a second life.
We are still working on the container loads…

Gift Your Gear has built up a network of groups working with young people in the outdoors in most areas of the UK. Many of the groups need tents. So in the end the solution was simple.
Ask the groups to collect the tents from the lovely people.
This is now working well.
Some of the Gift Your Gear groups are now acting as a donation hub for tents.

If you have a tent that you no longer want or need and would like it to find a new home with young people in the outdoors please enter your details in the form below and we’ll do the rest.