Gift Your Gear – Rohan Shrewsbury

It is always good to get news from the Rohan Shop teams during the Gift Your Gear collection. The shop teams meet the people donating their unwanted outdoor gear to Gift Your Gear. Feedback from the teams is very important.

A super example has just come in to us…

This story was published on Rohantime yesterday

Lovely story today from the Rohan Shrewsbury team.

James Day MD of Shrewsbury based “Gourmet Lifestyle eXperiences” pictured donated quality new unused fleeces and outdoor weather gear to Gift Your Gear due to a recent re-band for their 2018 National launch. The items were produced for outdoor lifestyle food events & trade shows, and the re-brand meant they were surplus to requirements, so James and team wanted to donate them to good causes.

“We produce alot of branded items for our own brands and clients, and it’s good to donate surplus to such good causes as The Rohan ‘Gift Your Gear’ collection was an ideal solution. We hope they will be enjoyed by those who need them, especially in such cold weather”

Big thank you to James Gourmet Lifestyle eXperiences

Gift Your Gear Rohan Shrewsbury

Gift Your Gear – Donate at Rohan Shops Ends 8th April 2018