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Gift Your Gear Event March 2013

Pass on used outdoor gear you no longer need to someone who can use it.

Following the success of last year’s Gift Your Gear – Rohan event we are pleased to announce the next Gift Your Gear – Rohan event will take place from the 1st March – 31st March 2013.

Please take your used unwanted Outdoor Trousers, Jackets, Fleeces and Tops regardless of brand to your Nearest Rohan Shop this March. Rohan are happy to offer you 15% off a new purchase made the same day as you Gift Your Gear.

Gift Your Gear used outdoor trousers, jackets, fleeces and tops regardless of brand. Clothing should be a condition that can be reused for it’s intended purpose. Please no footwear or underwear. Discount will only be given for items accepted by the shop manager. Discount will be per transaction not individual item. Items cannot be returned via mail order.

Gift Your Gear and make a difference pass on usable outdoor clothing you no longer use or need to someone who can use it.

The outdoor clothing you donate will make a real difference to the local community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors regardless of their circumstances.

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