Gift Your Gear Supporting PLOT (P = Philosophy L = Life skills O = Opportunities T = Tenacity)

During the Gift Your Gear collection in the Rohan Shops we thought we would highlight some of the Gift Your Gear groups.

P.L.O.T was suggested by the Rohan Woodbridge team as a possible Gift Your Gear group.

In the founders own words…

I started PLOT because I was so concerned with so many children not engaging in mainstream education and many children were not accessing the great outdoors.
So I decided to try and create a centre that is therapeutic but also focused on moving forward. P. = philosophy. L = Life skills. O = Opportunities . T = Tenacity.
So I then spent many hours in the kitchen planning and ‘plotting’ but most important was to use the outdoors as the central point for all learning.
I wanted as a community interest company not for profit as the focus was to serve the community. We are now seeing huge successes and we are changing lives.
One of the difficulties we face is clothing Gift Your Gear will help those children who do not have any outdoor clothing to take part in the outside activities and feel confident and enjoy taking part.
We do not have enough resources to provide outdoor clothing for the children so we are reliant on them bring their own. As we are outdoors all the time it is very hard to plan for those [many ] who do not arrive with any outdoor clothing so many do not join in the activity we have to provide alternatives. If however they decide they want to join in when a child becomes wet understandably they then feel uncomfortable and cannot continue.
Gift You Gear will change that so all the children can take part and stay on task. It will make a huge difference. Helping children to engage with the environment is hugely beneficial we have one child who has not attended school for two years, [due to a serious bullying incident [ so he locked himself away and spent most of his time in his bedroom ‘gaming’ he is only 12. He has attended P.L.O.T. for twelve weeks and everyday he has been outside. He has a love for horses that he was not aware of. He is growing in confidence and has taken a natural interest in wood and thoroughly enjoys outside cooking using a fire pit. We have worked with his school and he is now ready with support to go back to school. His Mother has said he no longer stays in his bedroom he is now joining the family. Gift you Gear will help us so we can take all the children out everyday which we know will have huge impact on them. It will help the children as help us as a team. We can plan with confidence – Founder P.L.O.T

POLT Gift Your Gear Rohan Woodbridge Sept 2018

We are happy to report Mike from P.L.O.T picked up their Gift Your Gear boxes in Rohan Woodbridge.

Thank you for the photo Nick

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