Gift Your Gear – Thank You From Plumpton Sweden Sailing Team

Gift You Gear kindly donated two large boxes of kit for us to use on our Unplugged Sailing Expedition in Sweden. We are very appreciative for all the stuff they sent, because it was incredibly useful. Here are some quotes, from members of the sailing team:

“The Sprayway waterproofs worked extremely well and kept me very dry when it started to rain. The walking trousers were light and breathable which meant they dried quickly. It was helpful, because it meant I didn’t have to spend more money on waterproofs and walking trousers. This left me with more money to spend on the trip. It definitely helped my experience, thank you!” – Esme Birch

“Thank you for all the Kit you sent, it came in very handy whilst exposed to the unpredictable weather in Sweden.” – Josh Evans

“When I accidentally fell out of the boat, I warmed straight back up using the fleeces that ‘Gift your Gear’ sent us. Thank you for your support!” – Tom Clarke

“The fleece was perfect at keeping me warm both on and off the water, especially when it got colder during the evenings. The trousers were great as they were quick drying meaning when splashed out on the water, they dried off quickly. Thank you Gift your Gear for the kit, it definitely helped me to stay warm, and comfortable out on expedition.” – Beth Keyzer

“Having your support allowed me to get hold of kit I needed, when I didn’t have the funds. It was very useful and I’m hugely appreciative.” – Joe

“”I found my fleece and trousers really helpful during our time in Sweden as my fleece kept me warm during the downtime when we were not sailing. My trousers kept me nice and dry when the waves were splashing over the bow of the boat. I’m grateful for the kit I got and without it my trip would have been less enjoyable, thanks Gift Your Gear”” – Henry Le Duc

“The gear I got from Gift Your Gear was fantastic on the expedition. The Paramo fleece was very warm and the Rohan trousers were good on the water and around the campsite.” – Lucien Ruffell

“The Rohan Fleeces were a great bit of kit to keep me warm during the cold nights on the islands and on the water. Having this support from ‘Gift your Gear’ was incredible because it allowed us, as group of young people, the chance to experience something amazing without the huge expense of needing new kit. What they do as an organisation is truly brilliant, thank you so much for your help and support!” – We would just like to say a huge thank you for all the kit you sent to support us out in Sweden, we are very grateful. Thanks again! – Megan Kraft

Gift Your Gear