Gift Your Gear Make a Difference – The Walk for Health Group

It is always good to receive feedback from the Gift Your Gear groups. To see the difference the donated gear makes is important. We are really please to share the latest feedback from one of our very active groups

” The walks have been very special and helpful as through walking with friends I feel my health has improved, and in fact, the type of outdoor gear I am using is helping me a lot, without proper outdoor gear I doubt it if I would have been bold enough to attempt venturing into an unknown environment such as the countryside environment”. Lynn

“Walking in the countryside is the only way to bond with nature and other people you meet during walks which is different from walking in the city – I find people in the countryside during walks to be very friendly and caring as compared to the city where people are very unfriendly” Cora.

The Walk for Health Group which was originally called the 100 Black Men Walk for Health derived its name from the “Million Man March – The Untold Story” in the USA. The idea is to get 100 Black Men Walking in the British Countryside not to make any political statement but using health walks in the countryside environment to promote people’s health and well-being and love of the British Countryside.

Most Black men in their middle age tend to lead sedentary lifestyles due to urbanisation and cultural severance. And as tropical beings the lack of exposure to the Sun has tremendous impact on their health and well-being. They are more susceptible to all kind of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Vitamin D deficiency and mental health.

Most diets of Black people are high in carbohydrates, sugar, fat and salt which all contributes to ill health due to lack of regular exercise. Our groups want to inspire other people who genetically are tropical human-beings but living in a temperate climate to take up walking as a preventive measure. The Walk for Health Group has therefore been walking since 2004 and we have over 40 people on our database. It has now broadened to include women and young people. Not all the 40 attend the walks but we do often get quite s substantial number depending very much on the weather conditions. We have in those years scaled up Ben Nevis, Scafel, Kinder Scout, Mount Tor and various green spaces in the Peak District National Park and beyond.

Maxwell and team collecting from Gift Your Gear

Our groups have been supported by the generous donations from Gift Your Gear, which has for two seasons been donating outdoor gear to help and encourage more people to go walking. It is important to point out this is a great resource because outdoor gear is quite expensive and without the proper outdoor gear the outdoors at times can be very unfriendly especially when the weather is very bad. That’s the more reason why all the groups are very grateful to Gift Your Gear as this has enabled them to have greater exposure to the great outdoors and to discover very interesting places.

Gift Your Gear has been very instrumental in helping people from lower socio economic groups to experience the great outdoor environment. – Maxwell

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Thank you Maxwell and team