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Blackburn Sea Cadets

Gift Your Gear an evening with Blackburn Sea Cadets

We try and visit as many Gift Your Gear beneficiary groups as possible. Meeting the groups helps Gift Your Gear gain a better understanding of their needs and how we can become more effective in helping the groups get as many young people as possible out enjoying the great outdoors.

We have learnt just how difficult it is for some of  Gift Your Gear groups to equip with good outdoor gear all the young people that would like to take part in the outdoor activities on offer. Costs are now a very real barrier to the number of young people that can be accommodated in outdoor activities offered by the Gift Your Gear group. We think that is a great shame especially in view of the growing awareness of just how important it is for young people to take part in outdoor activities.

Blackburn Sea Cadets Gift Your Gear
Recently we visited a very active Gift Your Gear group Blackburn Sea Cadets and enjoyed an evening with the cadets that range in age from 9 to 18 years together with their instructors and parents. The group received gear from a recent Gift Your Gear collection in Rohan Shops. They also made great use of tents donated to Gift Your Gear by an events company.

During the evening Sea Cadet groups from the local area selected outdoor equipment from Gift Your Gear donations.

All in all a great evening

Thank you Cheryl and the Blackburn Sea Cadets for a lovely evening and a Big Thank You for the super flowers. A great surprise

and the card.

Blackburn Sea Cadet Card