Where Does Your Gift Your Gear Go – Ten Tors June 2016



We have received some lovely photos from participants in the last Ten Tors 7th – 8th 2016 with their outdoor clothing rucksacks and boots donations to Gift Your Gear in all the Rohan Shops in March this year. Photo’s are from Exmouth Community College team and St Augustines CC team.

Ten Tors is an annual challenge to the teenagers of the South West of England, hosted on Dartmoor – 400 Teams of six take on hikes of up to 55 miles over Dartmoor.

There may be many challenging walks in Britain today, but Ten Tors is still alone in catering solely for young people and which we believe to be the largest and most challenging event held nationally. Ten Tors incorporates the Ten Tors Challenge and the Jubilee Challenge. – Ten Tors

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Bates of HQ SW Region and the lead organiser for Ten Tors, said: “The Army firmly believes in providing opportunities for young people across the spectrum.  That is why we were delighted with the generosity of  “Gift Your Gear” who donated a considerable amount of Outdoor clothing, which we were able to issue out to establishments that required it for their disadvantaged youngsters.  In effect, this gave establishments and families a chance for their youngsters to take part in an arduous outdoor event properly kitted up at little expense to themselves”

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