Gift Your Gear – Wins Gold

We are really proud of this one

Gift Your Gear Gold Award Winner 2015

GOLD WINNER 2015 Sustainable innovations.

Jury Statement

Here, the award is not given to a product, but to a system, emphasize the judges. It is a system by the industry for the industry. The expert panel is confident that Gift Your Gear has the potential to become a worldwide movement. “Reusing old products is extremely good for the environment and more sustainable that recycling,” argue the judges. The concept could lead to a real change in behaviour. The donated outdoor clothing and equipment is given to community organisations, youth groups & charities working with young people in the outdoors. It is hoped that this will inspire future generations to get outdoors and do more to look after the environment. The panel has awarded Gift Your Gear a Gold Award.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria
Added value