The Arch Climbing Wall Acton

New Gift Your Gear Collection Centre – The Arch Climbing Wall Acton

We are really pleased to announce we have added a new drop of location to the list of Gift Your Gear collection centres.

Welcome The Arch Climbing Wall Acton London

The organisations that offer their space and time to help us collect unwanted outdoor gear are very important. With out their valuable contribution and enthusiasm our job would be a lot harder- Sarah Howcroft Founder Gift Your Gear

A big thank you to Joe and The Arch Climbing Wall team for the support.

After the success of our collection point in our North centre, we’re delighted to be able to add Acton to the list! Repurposing gear this way is not only hugely beneficial to young people looking to get outdoors, but it also helps to keep perfectly good gear out of the landfill!” – Joe Partridge TheArch Climbing Wall

We now have two Arch Climbing Wall centres ready and waiting to welcome anyone who would like to donate their unwanted outdoor gear to Gift Your Gear:

If you have large items like tents etc. Gift Your Gear can arrange  to have your donated gear collected by a local Gift Your Gear group. Please use this link if you would like to donate a tent. All other outdoor gear please us this link