Gift Your Gear – Time to reflect

Time to reflect on the year that has almost ended and a look forward.

Gift Your Gear has had a tremendous year with a record amount of gear being donated. Which has resulted in a record number of youth and community groups working with young people in the outdoors supplied with outdoor clothing and equipment. All being well this will result in far more young people being able to enjoy the outdoors in 2018.

We would like to thank the outdoor companies that have worked with us to achieve this result. Rohan for their continued support and encouragement. The Rohan Shop teams have been tremendous in their enthusiasm we couldn’t do it without you all. The North Face joined us this year, hosting a collection in The North Face stores in the UK. A very welcome addition.

A special mention to the outdoor journalists for donating their personal gear. Always appreciated. Thanks to Chris Townsend and Shophie at Pretty Gritty

Outdoor festivals and events have also hosted collections. Local walking groups have hosted annual collections. All have been very successful. A big thank you for all the effort and encouragement.

During this year we have worked very closely with the Gift Your Gear groups learning more about the problems they experience in getting young people into the outdoors. Most have experienced funding cuts again this year. Many are very good at making their resources stretch. They have to be. The outdoor gear donated to these groups is making a tremendous difference. Establishing or replenishing gear pools. Ensuring the maximum benefit is gained for all the gear.

The hidden side of Gift Your Gear are all the personal gear donations made every day by generous individuals throughout the UK. These are very generous offers and always appreciated. A special thank you goes also to the Gift Your Gear groups who collect the gear up and down the country.

We are really pleased to report a number of renowned outdoor companies will be joining us next year. So, all being well, we will can collectively make 2018 the best yet

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year.
Those very special donation from people that are no longer with us.
The gear that is hard to part with.
The heritage gear from all brands tells the outdoor industry history like no other.

We couldn’t do it with out you all.

Thank you

Sarah Howcroft